Ventilation systems company finds investor to grow

09.2018: A fund, advised by AFINUM Management GmbH, participates as part of a proprietary transaction at Ventomaxx GmbH. The founder Hans Schorsch and his sons Philipp and Florian Schorsch remain involved. Together with AFINUM, the Schorsch family wants to expand their successful business model at home and abroad.

Ventomaxx ( is a supplier of mainly decentralized ventilation systems with state-of-the-art technology and the highest architectural standards. The modular design and flexible application options make Ventomaxx a preferred partner for architects and technical planners, especially for larger projects that require individualized concepts. Over the past fifteen years, the Landshut-based company has developed from a commercial agency into a supplier of its own decentralized ventilation solutions, which are particularly well suited to modern building requirements such as compact design, heat recovery, sound insulation and air filtration. Ventomaxx can look back on above-average growth, which is explained by its excellent reputation with architects and technical planners. Founder Hans Schorsch, who remains involved in the company, has chosen AFINUM as a financially strong, strategic growth partner. The common growth strategy sees u. a. a broadening of the Ventomaxx organization in Germany and abroad as well as inorganic growth through acquisitions.

Centum Capital initiated this transaction in 2018.