MBO at natural aroma chemicals manufacturer

07.2021: The management team of the Axxence Group acquires in a MBO along with capiton the leading natural aroma chemicals manufacturer from its founder. Axxence Group, headquartered in Emmerich, Germany, is a leading manufacturer and supplier of natural aroma chemicals (NACs) for the global flavour & fragrance industry. Today, Axxence employs around 120 FTEs and produces over 260 NACs, which are sold in over 35 countries to more than 240 customers.
Joost van Neck founded Axxence in 1986. He started the business with a pure trading entity and, through the years, developed it very successfully into a full scope manufacturer of natural aroma chemicals. Today, Axxence produces a wide range of natural ingredients for flavour and fragrance compounds which are used in the food & beverage as well as in the cosmetic & personal care industries. The Company operates two manufacturing plants in Slovakia. The sales and logistic functions are based in the headquarter in Emmerich.
As part of Joost van Neck’s succession planning, Axxence’s long standing and highly experienced management team, along with capiton, has acquired the group with the conviction to continue the growth story its founder has started 35 years ago.

Centum Capital provides this information as a market news, but has not been involved in the transaction.