Equestrian products company HKM sold to investor

04.2018: The German Investor Finatem has acquired the majority of shares in HKM Sports Equipment GmbH (www.hkmsport.de), as well as the business operations of HKM Textil GmbH. As the market leader for full-range equestrian products in Germany, HKM Sports Equipment offers a differentiated portfolio of equestrian products listing more than 21,000 total product variations. About two-thirds of its product range consists of functional clothing and equipment for riders and horses, with the remaining third being fashion accessories. Besides its flagship brand HKM, the portfolio includes other strong end customer brands such as Lauria Garrelli, Cavallino Marino and Pro-Team. Products are developed and designed in-house and manufactured exclusively by established suppliers under strict quality guidelines. HKM Sports Equipment’s customers are primarily European specialist retailers and selected eCommerce dealers. HKM Textil GmbH is Europe’s market leader for applications for attaching and ironing onto textiles. The business activities of both companies will be continued under the HKM Sports Equipment umbrella.

The HKM Group generated sales of around EUR 24 million in 2017.