Automotive Supplier

The automotive industry is in a unique state of change: Business in the German flagship industry has always been good for decades. However, issues like digitalization, autonomous driving and e-mobility will radically change the market. The automotive industry, manufacturers and suppliers alike, have to adapt to new technologies and integrated mobility offerings. At the same time, they have strengthened their presence in international markets, particularly in Asia and the NAFTA region.

E-mobility, cost reduction, supply chain management as well as increasing demands on functionality, comfort and security characterize the whole industry. The strong purchasing power of OEMs and their focus on fewer and more global suppliers is driving consolidation. M&A activities play an increasingly important role here. The strategic realignment of individual suppliers is evident from the large number of transactions at all levels of the supply chain. German SMEs continue to be attractive targets for international buyers.

Within the automotive industry, we focus on a wide variety of supply segments. Our industry know-how is based on successful transactions in the following areas:

  • Metal components such as Turned, milled, stamped and bent parts, forged and cast parts for chassis and drive
  • Plastic parts in a wide variety of production processes, some of them with complex surface coating
  • Interior and exterior systems
  • Electrics and electronics, incl. sensors, control systems, switches, etc.
  • Components and systems in other areas of automotive engineering, including automation and robotics, assembly systems, battery systems, software, etc.