Precise contacts maker sold to Afinum

01.2020: A funds of investor Afinum acquires a majority stake in Swiss Interconnect Holding SA („LEMCO PRECISION“). Together with the entrepreneur and long-standing CEO André Rezzonico, who will remain minority shareholder.

LEMCO PRECISION ( manufactures contacts for data and power transmission that are small in diameter, complex in shape, and suitable to harsh environments. As the Company provides the highest quality and zero-defect guarantees, its contacts are used in highly critical electronic equipment across civil aviation, transport (non-auto), space & defense, telecom as well as industrial and other applications. Over the past two decades, the company has built strong ties to the big connector makers in North America and Europe.

LEMCO PRECISION was founded in 1965 and acquired in 1995 by a group of investors around the shareholder and CEO André Rezzonico. The Group is headquartered in Monthey, Western Switzerland, employs c. 235 FTEs and generated revenues of approximately 56 MCHF in 2019.