Maker of lorry semitrailers finds investor

03.2019: In order to support further expansion of the business, a fund of Steadfast Capital has acquired a stake in Kempf Group (KEMPF) in February 2019. The transaction comprises Kempf Holding, based in Bad Marienberg (Western Germany) with a further production plant in Kowary, Poland), and Kempf Reparatur, based in Nisterau (Western Germany).

KEMPF is a leading manufacturer of customised lorry semi-trailers with tilt mechanisms. Kempf trailers are used for special applications in the areas of construction, agriculture and special logistics and are known in the market for their quality. Steadfast Capital’s acquisition represents the next step in KEMPF’s corporate succession as part of which the next generation of the family has taken a leading role as a manager and shareholder of the company. Together with KEMPF’s management Steadfast Capital will support the firm’s international expansion as well as the ongoing strategic development of the company and its workforce.