Company Sales

Is an industrial buyer from the home market or foreign markets the right partner or does a financial investor suit your strategy better? We provide sensible manoeuvre options particularly for mid-market companies which due to personal succession considerations want to put their life’s work in good Hands.

We leverage our specialist competence and many years of experience to make the transactions successful. On your behalf we prepare and execute the entire sale process. This the way we achieve the swift conclusion of the transaction with the best possible partners, on optimum terms:

  • Sale strategy is defined
  • Discrete preparation and execution of the transaction 
  • Approach and acquisition of the best possible partner at the international levele 
  • Sale price and contractual terms are optimised 
  • The transaction is secured (guarantees, assurances, etc.)

A professionally steered sale process is key to ensuring that a company built up over decades is not sold “below value”.