Specialist for high performance materials arranges succession

11.2016: In the context of corporate succession, the HANNOVER Finanz Group is taking on a majority shareholding in MOESCHTER Group Holding GmbH & Co. KG. The management, responsible for operations for many years, is demonstrating its solidarity with the Dortmund-based family business by taking on a minority holding. The entrepreneurial family is to retain a significant number of shares in the family business, which was founded by Jürgen Möschter in 1992. The MOESCHTER Group is a leading innovator and specialist in the development and manufacture of precision components, insulation and components in high performance materials such as ceramics and plastic composites. The company has made itself a name internationally as a highly innovative production partner with technical ceramics in welding, in mechanical engineering and plant construction and in dentistry, and with composite plastic materials in various industries. One special characteristic of the MOESCHTER Group is that the company can manufacture small series itself and develop individual solutions for its customers. The company’s careful innovation management has led to several patents and awards as an especially innovative business. In the 2015 business year, the MOESCHTER Group with its 121 employees achieved annual sales of over 22 million euros. The purchase price for the transaction remains undisclosed.

The MOESCHTER Group consists of three business units. DOTHERM is the core of the group of companies, and was founded in 1992 with the idea of creating a differentiated range of products in thermally effective insulating materials for industrial applications. Today, this division supplies components and assemblies for die and mould construction, mechanical engineering applications and plant construction. DOCERAM is specialized in high performance ceramics, which are used in the automotive industry among other applications. DOCERAM Medical develops and manufactures milling blanks for dental technology. With multidisciplinary teams, the MOESCHTER Group ensures that the business units remain in constant communication with each other and make use of synergies. The company ensures a regular new intake of specially trained technicians by maintaining its own apprentice Workshop.