Tools maker for mechanical surfaces sold to investor

01.2021: Funds of PINOVA Capital acquired the German based ECOROLL AG Werkzeugtechnik. ECOROLL is a leading supplier of tools and machines for mechanical surface improvement of metal components. The product portfolio comprises self-engineered tools and machines for roller burnishing and deep rolling, as well as processing cylinders. In close cooperation with customers in manifold industries, ECOROLL develops solutions that ensure high-quality surfaces and prolonged lifespans of metal components while streamlining manufacturing processes. ECOROLL employs 85 people and produces exclusively in Celle, Germany. The company also has a sales office in Cincinnati, USA.

PINOVA acquired the company together with the management in January 2021. Dr. Karsten Röttger, long-standing CEO, has significantly expanded his existing shareholding in ECOROLL as part of the transaction. Dr. Röttger and PINOVA will continue to drive the company’s growth and develop ECOROLL further into an international full-range supplier for mechanical surface finishing.

Centum Capital provides this information as a market news, but has not been involved in the transaction.