Funds adviced by ORLANDO Management have acquired MAJA-WERK Manfred Jarosch (Bavaria) and MAJA-Möbelwerke (Saxony). MAJA is a producer of furniture for self-assembly, such as computer-, media- and storage furniture with appr. EUR 85 million on sales. Later on, the VIVONIO Furniture Group with appr. EUR 200 millions sales was formed, based on this platform.

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The furniture manufacturer MAJA finds a corporate successor via management buy-in.

A group of investors adviced by ORLANDO Management (Munich) has taken over the MAJA-WERK Manfred Jarosch GmbH & Co. KG in Kasendorf/Bavaria and the MAJA-Möbelwerk GmbH in Wittichenau/Saxony. The majority of shares of both companies have been taken over in the course of a management buy-in. The group of investors and the management will further develop the companies while preserving the characteristics of a mid-sized business and its corporate culture.

MAJA has been founded in 1964 by Manfred Jarosch. Since then, the family-run company has been producing conventional furniture for self-assembly, such as computer-, media-, storage-, and home furniture with a wide range of decors and combinations. In addition to several stand-alone solutions like cabinets, shelves, wardrobes, sideboards, TV furniture, and wall units, MAJA offers the product line ICAROS, which includes a whole range of high quality furniture for living, working and storage.

The plant in Wittichenau focuses on the production of furniture-to-go for a single corporate client. Increasing revenues result in the plant operating at the capacity limit. As the business will continue to grow in the future, further investments in the expansion of the plant capacity will become necessary.

The furniture manufactured in Wittichenau are being picked up directly by the corporate client who then transports it to his own warehouses. Furniture produced in Kasendorf is being sold to retailers via MAJA’s own distribution channels.

MAJA’s 450 workers and 30 apprentices are working at a fast-growing company which, in 2007, realized a consolidated revenue of EUR 85 million.

Centum Capital successfully initiated this transaction in 2008 and provided advice throughout the process.