The Sinnex Group (appr. €25 million sales) is in the high end segment of interior fittings of super yachts, private residences and other representational facilities worldwide. Investor AFINUM acquired the majority and secures long-term growth.

Einleger Sinnex herunterladen

With an investor, the founders of Sinnex have set the course for a sustained development of the Company.

Funds of private equity investor AFINUM have taken over the majority of the Sinnex Holding GmbH (Germany) and its operating subsidiaries Sinnex Steinheimer Innenausbau GmbH and Sinnex Innenausbau GmbH. All of Sinnex’ five founders keep shares in the company and will continue to manage its business in the future. By taking this step, the sellers were able to secure the company’s long-term development while diversifying their personal assets.

Sinnex (www.sinnex.com) has been successful at the high end segment of interior fittings for several years. Their projects include super yachts, private residences, concert halls, boardrooms and other representational facilities. Every customer order is unique, and is implemented using the latest manufacturing technology, providing the highest quality possible. The components for the interior fittings are made at Sinnex’ own site in Griffen/Austria or by specialized affiliated companies. Materials include wood, metal, natural stone, glass and textiles.

Sinnex has earned a high international reputation especially at the market segment of luxurious yachts longer than 40 metres, cooperating with internationally known shipyards. References include MY Pelorus (115m), SY Maltese Falcon (87m), MY Vibrant Curiosity (82m), MY Anastasia (76m) and MY Kogo (71m).

About 115 employees work at Sinnex’ sites in Germany and Austria – not including the affiliated companies’ employees, who are working for Sinnex on project-by-project basis. In FY 2009, sales of appr. EUR 25 million has been generated.

Centum Capital has initiated this transaction and advised the buyer in 2010.