BPE Private Equity funds acquired a majority holding in Greisinger electronic GmbH, a manufacturer of handheld instruments and digital indicators for measuring temperature, humidity, pressure, pH/Redox, material moisture, etc.

Einleger Greisinger herunterladen

Corporate succession could successfully be initiated via a management buy-in.

The BPE² Private Equity GmbH & Co. KG has acquired the GREISINGER electronic GmbH in Regenstauf, Bavaria. The company’s majority stake has been purchased via a management buy-in. The private equity company and the management will develop the company while preserving the character of a traditionally medium sized business and its corporate culture.

GREISINGER was established in 1980 by Elisabeth and Otmar Greisinger. Since then the family-run business, which focuses on high-precision measuring devices and accessories, has continiously been moving in a positive direction. The product range includes digital portable measuring devices, indicating instruments, control units and transducers for temperature, humidity, pressure, pH-value, conductivity, current and sonic. GREISINGER also provides its own software, for example for operating certain products, data interpretation, monitoring, documentation, and communication between interfaces. There is also a wide range of accessories (power supply units, adaptors, cables, cases, and more) as well as services such as calibration.

GREISINGER products are being marketed directly to the end customer via its own extensive catalogue and online-shop. In addition, customers are mail order companies and other measuring device manufacturers.

GREISINGER’s almost 50 employees develop and manufacture their products exclusively in Germany, which, along with the products’ outstanding quality, is one reason why they are so well received by the market.

Centum Capital initiated this transaction in 2007 and provided advise to the buyer.