SKW Fahrzeugbau builds and markets high-class motorcaravans under the brand name of CONCORDE throughout Europe. The company was sold by the founding family to Mittelstands-Holding.

Einleger Concorde herunterladen

A family office invests in CONCORDE, the German manufacturer of luxury motorcaravans.

Frankfurt-based Mittelstands-Holding GmbH has acquired a stake in SKW Fahrzeugbau GmbH, which manufactures CONCORDE motorcaravans. Centum Capital skilfully consulted the entrepreneurs on this transaction.

For over 20 years SKW Fahrzeugbau GmbH has been developing, producing and selling the luxury-class motorcaravans under the brand name CONCORDE. Thanks to consistent further development and customer orientation, CONCORDE has over the years increasingly become a byword for sophisticated concepts, solid quality, innovative technology and exclusive comfort.

The investment enables the previous and successor managing directors Jochen and Dieter Reimann to develop further both the company and the CONCORDE brand. “With that, CONCORDE Reisemobile will remain in future a family-run, mid-market company,” emphasises Jochen Reimann and adds: “Now that the Mittelstands-Holding is on board, the company is guaranteed to grow further in the next few years.”

The increase in demand for comfortable motorcaravans is due to the greater freedom and vitality that older people have, financial independence and a growing need for individually modelled holidays. It is particularly the providers in the luxury segment who will benefit a great deal from this trend.

For detailed information on the company and its products, go to www.concorde-reisemobile.com.

Centum Capital exclusively advised the seller in 2005.