The leading software providers for workshops, WERBAS and KSR, are merging to form the SRS Group in order to push the digitization of car and commercial vehicle workshops in Germany.

The merger of WERBAS and KSR creates the leading provider of software solutions for workshops.

With KSR and WERBAS, two of the leading software providers for workshops have decided to join forces in order to be able to meet the diverse challenges in the market in a future-oriented manner. Effective immediately, WERBAS and KSR are part of the newly founded Service & Repair Software Group (SRS Group).

However, the merger under the umbrella of the SRS Group gives WERBAS and KSR the opportunity to be even more reliable and powerful partners for customers in the commercial vehicle and passenger car sectors. Both managing directors unanimously confirmed that this sets the course for a successful future and strengthens the sustainable further development of the constantly growing range of products and services from KSR and WERBAS for the respective target groups.

By bundling the market experience and development skills of the two solution providers, the digitization of the workshops should be effectively promoted. Instead of developing parallel solutions for the same or similar fields of application, this can be done together in the future. The customers of KSR and WERBAS will primarily benefit from these synergies.

The many years of experience and the range of services of both companies combine all competencies in the independent workshop market and range from the commercial vehicle sector to damage control in the accident repair sector.

Centum Capital initiated this transaction and advised the buyer in 2021/22.